I always believed in the universe and his powers, and that everything happens for a reason. Is hard to listen and understand sometimes, but here are some coincidences that happen with me, Carol and Luke.
Well,  when we got pregnant we got very excited and we wanted a home birth. We started researching, and everything looked amazing and safe, which in my view still is the best choice, however, in our case, every time we tried to close the deal something didn’t go right or didn’t feel good. At the end we realized that we did the right decision since if we were at home the outcome would have been catastrophic.
On the last few weeks of the pregnancy, I decided to do the 365 push up challenge (check video here) which for me as an endurance athlete require a little bit of extra effort, since my weakness was always strength. After all, we know now that what Luke needs more is strength, due to the muscle weakness issue he has. That is another big coincidence.
When we hit 37 weeks and a few days we went to do a non stress test. When we left the nurse by mistake said, come back on the 5th to get induced. We had never planned on inducing since we wanted everything as natural as possible as long mom and baby were healthy. We called the doctor to verify, and at that time he had no plans to induce prior to 39 weeks. On July 4th weekend we had an incident that we had to go to the hospital, everything was OK, but we had to do a non stress test every 2 days. So on the 5th we talked to the doctor and he explained to us the risk
of waiting another week (due to the high level of amniotic fluid that Carol had) so we decided to induce. It was the best decision because if we waited another week would have been a disaster. Added to that my brother was coming that week to work and the plan was to spend the day July 6th with us, and he said “I have a feeling that I will meet Luke”, and he was right.

Another big coincidence was the isolette that transported Luke on July 6th, was last used and clean on 6/21 which is my birthday.
Also, Luke already did some amazing things. In 2010 my brothers and I had a fight right before Ironman Florida where all 3 of us were racing. We didn’t speak to each other for a while. After Luke came to this world was the first time we all got together again, and was all in peace.
I do believe everything happens for a reason and I always try to listen to my intuition as much as possible, I’m super glad that I heard my intuition those times.
Feel good,
Rich Wygand

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Well, as most of you know baby Luke was born on 7/06/16. For awhile I was debating on writing or not, but as far as I can see this little guy has made quite a difference and have made a huge impact in some of my closest friends and family around the world, so I thought why not write about it? Another reason I gonna start writing is because for some reason me, Carol and Luke inspire people, and I decided to use this as a way to inspire even more.

Gonna start at the begging. Luke’s birth was really hard. Carol never got really into to labor, and it took 28 hours. In those 28 hours Luke’s heart rate went super low 3 times. We had no idea of what was going on, as far as we knew was a normal pregnancy with a big baby and a little bit more aminiotic fluid than normal.

After the first heart rate drop is needless to say, I did not sleep anymore. My ears were on every single bit. At one point I went downstairs to catch some fresh air.  It was 4 am, and I looked at the stars for 10 min.

11 07 am Luke was born, we had several nurses in the room and 3 doctors or so. When he came out it was beautiful and scary at the same time, for our surprise, he had really low tone and he was having a hard time breathing. I cut the umbilical cord quick, and the doula said go talk to him. I went there  (where the medical team  was acessing him) and all I said was “daddy is here”, and the only movement he did was to hold my finger. In 10 min he was intubated, and by midnight he was transfer to Joe Dimaggio Children’s hospital.

So now is where the challenges begins, one thing I learned as a triathlete is face your fears. This is what we are doing lately, every single day.



Feel good,

Rich Wygand

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Pregnancy Glucose Test

Well we hit the time that we needed to do this test. We eat very clean in our house, especially after “we” got pregnant.

Well, the test was “ok”, my wife had to drink a “juice/solution” and wait for an hour until they draw some blood from her to test her glucose levels. She said the drink tasted like “soda”, FANTA to be more specific, and although she hadn’t drank soda since she was about 12 years old, she felt a little strange in her throat, she didn’t feel any specific reaction drinking the solution, and after an hour she had her blood drawn, and we went back home. I thought to myself, that was “easy”, compared to everything we heard before, and thinking that the amount of sugar the solution had didn’t play a big effect in my wife’s body. But, I was wrong. Like I said before we eat super clean, by that means we eat real food, with no space for refined sugar, sodas etc. We are not perfect, but when we have sweets they are dark chocolate (85%) and the homemade sweets are made with dates and real raw honey. With that being said, the test required my wife to take this nasty pure sugar non real food drink. At the place she was tested she was not given any other option to test it with.  In order to avoid any discussion we just did the test as is.


A few hours after the test, my wife started to feel sick. Please keep in mind that she was told to fast for at least 12 hours before the test, and then to drink the solution, which means, she was completely empty, until a whole load of sugar was giving to her. How a body will react to that? Even worst, how a body of a pregnant woman that eats pretty clean will react to that? Well, we found out a few hours after the test. She started to feel sick, drowsy, she felt like she was having her morning sickness all over again, but 100 times worst( please note that “morning sickness” is very common for the first trimester of pregnancy, however, my wife was now starting her third trimester). When the results came in, yes, she passed the test as we suspected she would, but how effective is this test?


I am not a doctor and as a father to be my concern is always the health of the mom and baby. So my question with all that is: how good is that test? I know it has to be done (or does it?), but is the reaction on the body with the sugary drink the same as a real food? I don’t think so. I have not researched but as far as I know pregnancy diabetes can be avoided with real food and a low-carb approach (by the way if you go real food, you go low carb by default pretty much), of course with exceptions.  A higher carbohydrate intake normally can lead to insulin resistance and from that to diabetes.

Also, the human body is very smart. For example, on the third trimester (the test it’s usually done on week 28 beginning of 3rd trimester) the body gets super efficient in burning fat as fuel  for a simple reason, the belly is too big and the mobility is harder. Therefore back in the days the access to food would have been limited due to lack of mobility. Another reason why women’s body gets so efficient on burning fat is because labor can take hours. Labor is very physically and emotionally demanding, so burning fat as fuel is essential in order to have a good labor and not to bonk. And the final reason is that the body stores fat during pregnancy preparing for breastfeeding. It makes sense biologically since postpartum moms are not as able to go out foraging so they have to be able to survive and feed baby on stored fat.


Pregnant or non-pregnant, stick with real food and you will not have space for errors. Fat is not your enemy, and as long as you avoid non-real food, your body knows exactly what to make with the good fat intake, and it will use the fat in a very smart way, for your benefit. Regarding the Pregnancy Glucose test, my question remains: Since during pregnancy everything that is put into the women’s body will affect the baby, a load of “unreal” sugar isn’t different, so, can this test be done differently if absolutely necessary?

Feel Good,

Rich Wygand

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What’s next?!?!

What’s next?!?!?

Lately everyone it’s asking me, what’s my next race? My answer is simple: In July I will be Welcoming Luke Wygand to the world, and that is my biggest ironman!


With that being said, I am talking some time off from racing and training, I am just working on staying fit, and working with what I love the most: coaching and health! I am focused  on creating new plans,  specially my weight lost program, which is very special to me, since I’ve also lost 100 pounds (yes, 100 pounds).

The truth being said, 18 ironmans in 12 years is very hard on the body, so I am looking forward to some rest. I will be talking a lot more about that.

I am transforming this blog a bit, I am going to start blogging a lot about staying fit as a new Dad, natural approach with kids, nutrition for Dad and kids, fit moms, and anything related to health and fitness. I will blog a lot about nutrition since is one of my biggest passion (besides coaching and triathlon). I am really looking forward to raise a kid in this world and doing the best I can to make sure he is eating real food. Also  my approach to nutrition is very balanced, and based on real experiences, since I’ve tried many different things before I embraced my approach. I went vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, and paleo and with 2 certifications (finishing the last one) in nutrition with different approaches and with my experience of racing and losing 100 pounds,  I can finally say that my approach and nutrition philosophy are now formed, which got me to start creating my weight loss program.

Stay tuned Moms, Dads, kids, health and fitness lovers! You can follow me here, on my Instagram (both myself and company), Facebook, Youtube and subscribe to my mailing list on my website for nutrition and fitness tips!

Feel Good,

Rich Wygand

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The Wonders of Burning FAT II

A while ago I wrote about the wonders of burning fat, where I explained  the benefits of the body burning fat as fuel. Now I wanted to go further and explain a little more about one the biggest ben…

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The Wonders of Burning FAT II

A while ago I wrote about the wonders of burning fat, where I explained  the benefits of the body burning fat as fuel. Now I wanted to go further and explain a little more about one the biggest benefits of burning fat as fuel: the RECOVERY.

When your body  is using fat as fuel, you recover super fast for a simple fact that you avoid all the stress from the sugar ups and downs. That also leaves more energy for training (less stress = more energy), besides having extra energy for your daily activities is always a great thing.

When your body is lacking recovery, or overworked with training, with that comes one thing that most athletes deal with, the excess hunger. When you are burning fat as fuel and you don’t have those ups and downs you won’t be as hungry all the time. Sure you will need to fuel your body with the correct amount of nutrients, but you will not feel hungry all the time.

Another interesting fact is that when you burn fat as fuel, you won’t need the recovery drinks after the workouts. Your body is working efficiently, and it will recover itself with the right approach and nutrition.  Most recovery drinks help to raise your sugar levels  after a workout (where they went down),however, when you are burning fat as fuel your body produces the necessary glycogen by itself. After my race incident last year ( click here), I bought a glucose test kit. So I tested myself as soon as I woke up, sugar was @72. I went for my morning workout (empty stomach as usual) and after the intense workout I tested and my glucose was @78, BINGO! This means that my body produced everything I needed (even being with empty stomach), to complete my workout , which also helped my recovery time. That is why you don’t need recovery drinks, you only need to teach your body to burn fat as fuel.




Burning fat as fuel not only improves your performance and recovery but also saves you money. For about 2 years now, I cut pretty much all powders and I have strictly used real food, and VESPA (which stimulates this fat as fuel process).

Feel Good,

Rich Wygand

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Hits Naples Full Distance Triathlon

Hits Naples Race Report

After Ironman Cozumel I was mentally tired, I tapered 2 weeks for Cozumel, did not finish the race and didn’t do anything for a week. I decided to do the full in Naples just to kind of get my confidence back. I trained for 2 weeks, I did two 17 hours training week and tapered again.

The day started at 4am as always for me on race day. I had my usual 1/4 cup of sweet potatoes, Kerry gold butter and 3 pasture raised eggs (vital farms). The night before the usual 9oz sirloin steak, veggies half a sweet potato and a great amount of butter.

Swim: At the beginning of the race the fog was really strong, so strong that we could not see all the buoys on the swim course. The first loop, I could barely see,  second loop got a lot better. I did not want to push, I swam a comfortable pace and most of the time I was even doing bilateral breathing, so I was really relaxed.

Nutrition for the swim: 45 min before Vespa, and a Vespa Jr on T1.

Swim gear:  Roka maverick Elite wetsuit, Roka X1 goggles.

Bike: I left T1 in second place (I thought I was 3rd), as soon as I left I put a good pace on, it was humid and foggy, so I knew the heat would pick up later as we say in Portuguese “Neblina baixa sol que racha” that means when the fog comes out the sun comes crashing. For the first 35 miles the fog was dense, after awhile the sun started to come strong and the wind picked up quite a bit. When I arrived at the turn around (mile 50) I realized I was in first place. My goal remained the same, keep the pressure on, since I didn’t do a lot of long runs I wanted to open as much as possible on the bike. The wind was everywhere. Honestly felt like we had no break, the weather channel called to 17 to 20 mph and 85 degrees maximum temperature. On mile 80 my quads started to almost cramp up so I took an extra set of salt pills (I always keep on extra set). At the 90miles mark my toes started to hurt bad from the cycling shoes, never happened before, maybe shoes were old, have no idea but my 2 big toes are totally black now. I managed the pain and kept going.


Nutrition during the bike: 3 cliff gels, 2 drip drop,  5 nuuns, 16 S! Caps (Salt caps), 8 baking soda pills 3 Vespas, 1 sugar free red bull, 1 spoon of coconut oil and 1 Vespa Jr on T2.

Bike gear: Williams wheels 80, Sidi T2 shoes, Cervelo P3, ISM seat, Profile Design Water bottle, 3T aero bars.

Run: As I arrived from the bike I noticed it was really hot. I put my socks on, drank my red bull (another one sugar free of course), got my Vespa JR and off I went. The first 3 miles I was adjusting the pace, legs were feeling great, but it was windy and hot, so in the last water station I started to put ice in my hat, and in my shorts. All I kept thinking was, “I know I won’t hit the wall (when you are a fat burner you don’t hit the wall) just keep your core temperature low”. That ‘s what I did, I grabbed ice in every station. I kept taking the salt pills and I used the little bottle of Real Salt that my athlete Juli gave me, it’s just pink Himalayan sea salt. It’s funny cause some sports company sells this salt clamming that is special but it’s pure Himalayan sea salt which is full of other minerals. On the second, third and fourth loop I took an Advil. The 3rd and 4th lap temperature got a little lower, and the run felt a lot better. I must say, break the ribbon in first place felt really good.


Running nutrition: 2 Vespas, 3 small cups of coke, 2 small cups of sprite, real salt, 8 S!caps, 4 baking soda pills and water. Didn’t even take my Red Bull on special needs.

Running gear: Newton Distance III, compressport running socks, I raced with customized RW Training uniform from Championship system.


I love doing this race, for me just feels like an overall clean race. From the people that did the full distance I can say that it was no drafting, race was super clean (completely different from Ironman Cozumel) . I felt pretty good the entire time on the race, got my confidence back for the rest of the season, which this year will be a bit different since there is a baby coming in July.

Feel Good,

Rich Wygand

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The wonders of burning fat

Well, after my race “incident” I went back to do some blood exams to compare to my old ones. As you all know I am no doctor, but I understand about diet and training quite a bit, and I also know how I feel. Looking at glucose to start. I have a glucose tester at home, normally on a low-carb diet my fasting glucose is about 72 which is great. I remember when I was on a high carb diet (which was when my problems started) my glucose fasting was raising and it got 86 to 96. When I tested a few days after the race (and this was 2-3 days after I had a very low carbohydrate intake) my glucose was still at 86. It is worth saying that the high insulin levels “disabled” the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel.

Saturated fat is the easiest one for the body to burn. Kerry gold is my favorite butter!

Saturated fat is the easiest one for the body to burn. Kerry gold is my favorite butter!

The other key aspect to look at is that, when I tested for A1C (Glycated hemoglobin – is a common blood test used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes) in the past, I had the A1C level on the high end 5.7, and with the low-carb (reads also low sugar) diet, nowadays is down to 5.5. Dr. Jeff Volek (and expert in this diet and also co-writer of Art and Science of Low Carb Living) says people with insulin resistance (or carb sensitivity) should keep a very very low carbohydrate intake. He mentioned that “if you keep a low carb intake but still with 50% of fat (and not higher), is like traveling to Hawaii half and not enjoy Waikiki”. (Based on the blood exams we can seen some sugar spikes.)

In order to enjoy the benefits of a low carb living, people with sensitivity, like my case, have to keep fat intake about 70 to 75% of the calories. The funny  thing (and great news!) is that I did another blood test 2 weeks after the race, and my glucose fasting was back to 72 and energy level a lot higher.

With all that being said, I am here to show the wonders of burning fat. Prior to all of that I was doubting how my season was going to end. For once I was keeping my fat intake only about 55%. I was feeling burned out, and it’s all related. The sugar imbalance make you feel like that. I took 4 weeks off, by that means I only trained 2 hours a week (or less). I decided to go back on training and my longest run was 10 miles prior to the half ironman. After the incident I went back to very low-carb and high fat as I explained. Around 75% of my calorie intake is FAT, which if you really write it down, this isn’t a lot of food, only more fat than the carbohydrate (see below an example of one day diet).


In one week the results are just amazing. I went out and did 16 miles run like it was a breeze, since then training ramped up big time so did my energy levels, besides, I was able to see thru my blood exam how carb sensitive I am and how my blood sugars oscillate. Burning fat as fuel is a key piece of endurance performance and well being. Of course everyone is different, and some are more sensitive to certain foods than others, but as a general rule, real food and specially natural fats are the best fuel you can use for performance in sport, and even for daily activities.


Feel Good,

Rich Wygand

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Carb Sensitivity

I was debating if I would write about this or not, but at the same time I thought this could benefit a few athletes out there. For me the worst feeling is to stop in a race, there is no doubt about that. Especially when you made the mistake again, or you think you learned from that mistake, but you didn’t. This time at least I have some data from that mistake, so it really got me some awareness.
Truth is when it comes to carbs and performance everything is a little tricky. For example, every single supplement that helps on endurance says that helps the body to burn fat more efficient for example endurox excel, but at the same time the claim is that you have to have carbs. If you read anything that is coming out now about fat as fuel, specially with Prof Tim Noaks and Jeff Volek you can see that carb is not a necessary nutrient even for sports performance.
After I did my raw vegan experience where I did super high carb diet (80/10/10), I developed a little bit of insulin resistance, at least I think. I did the food testing from Dr Natasha Burner book (Carb sensitive program), according to her test I did not even pass phase one. According with Jeff Volek book 1 in every 4 americans suffer from insulin resistance, that is why I decide to share story.
About 8 weeks ago, I felt a little burned out, tired and all that. I took pretty much 4 weeks off, literally I worked out 2 hours a week. After a good amount of rest and acupuncture I felt ready to rock and roll. I started training again and I intensified the training a bit, therefore I added more carbs, good carbs such as sweet potatoes. Keep in mind that my increase was only up to 120 to 130 grams of carbs (still pretty low- considering Paleo is low, but ketogenic diet needs to be lower). That was about 25% of my calorie intake, 55% was still fat. So I decided to do the half ironman in Hutchinson Island. Swim was hard due to the waves, and bike was excellent in fact I had the best bike split of the day with a 2 19 windy and with 2 bridges. I held back on the bike a bit since I was riding with no watch (that is something for another post) and I wanted to do Ironman effort. I felt good and I decided to attack only on the second loop. Anyways, it does not matter because I did not finish (LOL). So right before T2 I had to pee, then I started to run, from T2 to mile 4 I peed 3 times (one each mile I guess), I was super thirsty and feeling dizzy with a blurry vision. I pushed through all the way until mile 6, then I was almost passing out. They gave me a ride to the ambulance, I was so sleepy that my wife had to be waking me up all the time. As soon as I got there they checked my pulse, blood pressure and I asked to check my blood sugar. Blood pressure was low, but sugar was in almost 200. I waited a while since we could not take IV unless we go to the hospital. About 1 hour later I started to feel better and blood sugar went down to 129.

So I went back in my mind and my logs. I started to compare my performance with carb intake. The lower the carb intake I got the better I performed. In every single race, that I had a good performance I was super low on carbs, even before the sensitivity. Keep in mind performance is not winning, but performing is to race what I trained for. Maybe I was sensitive before doing triathlons with my big mac eating days LOL.

Keep in mind, high insulin stops fat burning and creates more inflammation. Inflammation causes weight gain, and I had races that I gained weight instead of losing weight. Also, high blood sugar causes dehydration, so imagine that on a race over 3 hours. In fact, most athletes fail metabolic first before they fail physically.

You can click here and see the symptoms of high blood sugar and dehydration. My point is, you must run on fat, always! Running on fat will give you a lot more energy and motivation. Everybody is somehow sensitive to carbs, some more and some less, but running your body on fat is a lot more efficient not only for performance but for motivation (avoiding burn outs).

The good thing about this race is that I was able to see how sensitive I am, and I am glad that didn’t happen in an Ironman, like in 2012 where by mile 80 on the bike I have peed 9 times and had to stop. The other good thing is that my wife took some very sexy pictures #ImsexyandIknowit LOL. I wanted to share my experience, because for a bad race there is no excuse. In 3 days on very low carb I already feel really good, and training is up again as you can see on my strava (Taz Manian Devil).

DSC_0007 one of the sexy pictures LMAO\

Feel Good,

Rich Wygand

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Tri Life Olympic race report

This past weekend was great. I trained normal all week, and saturday I did the 1 mile open water swim in Jupiter, despite the fact that I haven’t swam in 1 week with shoulder issues, I did my best time ever pacing 1’20” per 100, and after that a small 25 mile ride.

Sunday was triathlon day! I had little expectations for this race, since it was in the end of a very hard training cycle, my goal was to go faster than last year.

Saturday after the swim, bike brick I went to pick up the pack and went home for recovery and food. I had my “carb loading dinner” that I call “Adding gasoline to fat fuel burning”. Grass fed ribeye steak, with himalayan pink sea salt, and sauteed spinach with butter on top. Plus a cup of bone marrow broth.


As usual I had no breakfast just a Vespa 30 min before the race.

Swim: The swim was a bit longer but surprisingly I kept the same pace as saturday race. Arms felt good, I was able to sight pretty well. Got out of the water in 3rd, and fresh.

Bike: Jumped in the bike first few miles I kinda got into the groove. Took 1 Cliff Gel (mocca), and I had in my bottle 2 nuuns. After the bridge I took first place. The course is very technical with a lot of turns, is a 2 loop. Going south you were against the wind. It was windy but not bad at all. I was pushing on the bike and I felt really good. About 1.5 miles to go the second place past me. I know he was a fast runner (in fact I knew the 2nd,3rd and 4th were great runners the 3rd place won ragnar relay race with me this year), so I attacked him on the bike then he attacked again, we played like this a bit (very fun by the way) and we delivered the bike 10 sec apart (him first). Took 1 vespa at mile 20 on the bike also took 2 capsule of baking soda. Finish the bike with the 2nd fast bike split of the day with 24.5 mph on a very technical course.I  Felt really good.

Run: There is always a lesson in every race, this one is no different (LOL). So I left transition quick, all the way to mile 3 I kept the first place in my sight. After that my legs weren’t there, with all the training I was getting tired. I felt I could keep that pace for a long time, but I could not pick up the pace maintain yes, but I tried to pick up when the 3rd place passed me, but my legs said no. On mile 4.5 the lesson came. I had an extra gel, and it was just a bit too much. I usually race with 60 calories an hour in an Ironman, so I don’t know why I decide to try another gel. It didn’t slow me down but mess up my stomach a bit especially after the race, lesson learned, 60 calories an hour is more than enough, and there is no miracle gel (LOL) when you are pushing. Ran with Newton distance and my pacing was good cause I didn’t drop more than 20 sec from the first mile to the 2nd mile, as I explain in my coaching website.


I finish 4th overall and with a 6 minutes faster than last year. I am pretty happy with the result. The competition this year was great. From 1st to 4th we all came in between 2 hours and 5 and 2 hours and 7 minutes, is hard to race an olympic distance race training for an ironman, I am glad I did cause was a great race and Tri life put a really cool event, and mentally this was one of my best race, I was really focus the whole time.

After a race, a good bacon Epic bar and a jump in the ocean with my wife. Soon we will post all about us on the endurance couple blog!


Feel Good,


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